Transforming organic waste facilities into carbon removal factories

Inherit Carbon Solutions is creating a durable and nature-friendly solution for carbon removal. Hundreds of biogas plants represent a carbon removal solution right in front of us, already built and in operation. Let’s get started!

About 10 billion tonnes of CO2 need to be removed from the atmosphere every year in order to reach our 1.5C target.

To put this into context: we currently emit about 35 billion tonnes of CO2 per year globally. To cut emissions and remove the excess are both big tasks – but not impossible.

At Inherit, we will remove CO2 from the atmosphere by working with organic waste facilities to harvest biogenic CO2 from the process of anaerobic digestion. We will store the CO2 underground in geological formations.

The novel value chains that we are creating for carbon removal are made possible by the development of safe and durable carbon storage facilities around the world.


Biogas plants already do a wonderful job of turning our waste into renewable energy and valuable fertilizer.


Tomorrow, they can become carbon removal factories as well. – Let’s work together to make it happen!

1000+ year storage

At Inherit, we believe that geological storage of CO2 is one of the best-in-class technologies for keeping industrial volumes of CO2 out of the atmosphere on a 1000+ year timescale. This is how we will store CO2 that we purchase from biogas/RNG facilities and we only partner with safe and reputable storage operators. In the medium to long-term we will make use of alternative long-term storage options for CO2 that are less location-specific. CO2 mineralization is one such option that we are monitoring closely.

Photosynthesis as capture technology

Organic matter contains carbon. Some of this carbon is emitted to air in the form of CO2 when organic matter decomposes. When producing biogas from waste, a big share of the carbon is converted to biogas, some in the form of CO2. This CO2 is currently emitted to air as part of the biogas production process. At Inherit we believe that this already-captured, concentrated CO2, shouldn’t go to air. Our mission is to work with RNG/biomethane facilities to enable them to become carbon removal factories.

Biogas is a great invention

We do not want to affect food prices or land use in the name of carbon removal. That is why biogas is a great fit for us. Biogas facilities are already numerous around the world, and growing, for several good reasons: They produce renewable energy as well as taking care of our organic waste. Biogas has the ability to reduce methane emissions in the agriculture and it is a source of a nutritious organic fertilizer. We already have a carbon removal solution right in front of us, already built and in operation. Let’s push the button!

Kaja Voss

Founder and COO

Kaja holds an MA in Economics from the University of Edinburgh and has worked on climate change mitigation in the public and private sector.

She contributed to national and EU policy while at the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment and gained extensive experience of the biogas sector as a consultant.

Kaja saw that treatment of organic waste can drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions when done right and has the potential to create negative emissions in the future.

Kaja initiated the first formal study of biogas + CCS potential in Norway together with the national Environment Agency in 2021.

Mike Carpenter

Founder and CEO

Mike is a geophysicist (Cambridge University) with a background in CO2 storage.

He helped develop the Northern Lights CO2 transport and storage hub project as part of the Norwegian CCS Agency team (Gassnova) that supported the site selection and engineering studies.

Mike switched from oil & gas to carbon capture and storage projects in 2007 and started working on Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) applications in 2021.

He started Inherit Carbon Solutions with Kaja in order to develop Bio-Energy CCS value chains that can be rolled out on a short timescale and then scaled up.